Commercial Lease Renewal

Is a commercial lease renewal right for your company? Renewing your lease can sometimes be the best option to make, as your current business location is ideal for your business & employees and you don’t want to have any disruptions. Renewing will prevent you from having to relocate, which is the desired requirement for most companies.


  • How will you know if your rental rate is competitive?
  • Have you actually looked into the market to see if there are better space options in your submarket or another market in the Atlanta Metro area?
  • How do you negotiate a more competitive agreement with your landlord?
  • How do you reduce the amount of space you need?
  • Did you know it’s possible to negotiate a moving allowance to help alleviate some of your moving costs?

The only way to get the best deal is to follow the same process as if you’re leasing space for the first time.

Peachtree Commercial Real Estate can help maximize your position to ensure a competitive environment that will ensure your landlord offers you a renewal that suits your needs. We have significant experience in negotiating lease renewals in the Atlanta area.

Don’t sit back and wait for the landlord to offer you renewal rates and terms that may be may be less attractive than the rates and terms offered to new Tenants. We’ll do the legwork necessary that will have landlords competing for your tenancy thus translating into a lower cost of occupancy for you!